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SERPsupport is the ultimate platform for building connections between websites. Use our chat functionality to discuss the type of backlinks and outlinks. Easily approve or reject connections, ensuring high-quality links.

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What makes SERPsupport Different?

Discover a revolutionary approach to backlink building with SERPsupport! Unlike traditional backlink marketplaces where you’re simply buying links, SERPsupport facilitates genuine connections with other website owners through direct chat, allowing you to discuss and customize link placements to fit your needs perfectly.

It’s not your typical link swapping either, where you trade links with the same websites. With SERPsupport, you both give and receive backlinks from a variety of websites, making it a far more organic and effective way to build links. You also get to approve or reject potential links, ensuring you only build high-quality, relevant connections.

Say goodbye to outdated backlink methods and hello to smarter, more strategic link building with SERPsupport!

How it Works

  • Sign up to SERPsupport
  • Login and add your website(s)
  • Approve/Reject website connections
  • When both sides approve, chat will start
  • Discuss and agree on the link placement
  • Monitor your backlinks

What people say

Unlike traditional backlink services, SERPsupport offers a unique and innovative platform that connects you directly with other website owners, enabling personalized link placements that truly fit our needs.
Julia Keys
UI Designer
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Richard Durgan
Graphic Designer
SERPsupport's innovative, organic method has transformed our backlink strategy, and I can confidently recommend the tool to any business aiming to enhance their online visibility.
Pete Anderson
Visual Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

You pay a monthly subscription to connect to other websites owners to discuss potential link placements. Paying additional money for a link is against our TOC.
Yes, but make sure you have at least a functioning website with content (e.g 5 blog posts)
We think it is fair and also natural to not only take, but also give link opportunities to other websites.
No, we make sure that link swapping is out of the question. A link connection with a website is always either for a backlink or an outlink, not both.
The easiest link placement would be niche edits. However, there is the option for guest posts, image links, and other types of backlinks when a link opportunity arises.